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Can Durmaz was kind to share some of his tips for creating organic vegetation and landscapes that will work even for the beginners and low-budget projects. Script for 3ds Max: Virtual Tours in 3 Clicks. Check out a nice little script for 3ds Max that will help you quickly set up a virtual tour in a matter of seconds. Rubble Modular Set Production. Building an Organic Environment in UE4. Bringing Spaceships to Life with Animation.

Vlad Hristev is currently working on his top-down shooter Supersolar: lots of awesome animation, spaceships, and drones made with 3dsMax and UE4. Animation Interview Level Design. David Lesperance shared the details of his huge Indie project Crimson Moon that combines the artist's love of heavy metal, horrors and video games and is managed by the artist alone. Environment Design Gameplay Interview.

Sculpting And Animating a Barbarian.

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Animation Character Art Interview. Creating a Forest Biome with Photogrammetry. Carl Maddison showed how he created his detailed version of Bolt Gun using a concept that never made it into Alien Isolation. Intro to Designing a Modular Environment Masterclass. Seaside Town Production in UE4.

Tips on Creating Stylized 3D Content. Glen Fox talked about some of the techniques and tools he uses to build outstanding stylized 3d dioramas. Creating Large Open Levels with Vegetation. Check out how Rudy Lamotte creates amazing large environments, filling it with trees, beautiful vegetation, and awesome atmospheric effects. Breaking Down a Mystery Adventure Game. Forest Pack 6 Available. The Features of 3ds Max Autodesk has shared the list of changes for the latest version of the 3D modeling and animation tool.

Porting Ciri to Overwatch. Agelos Apostolopoulos showed how he created the amazing model of Ciri, adapting it to the visual style of Overwatch. Tips on Environment Production. Kenan Wilsher did a little breakdown of his environment projects, where he tried to mimic the atmosphere of some famous games. Making Small Games with Big Potential. The student team behind Minors talked a little about the way they've created a small indie project with UE4.

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Creating 19th-Century Setting with UE4. Check out Grigoriy Karmatskiy talk about the amazing things he learned about the production of game environments during Clinton Crumpler's course on CGMA. Capturing the Essence of Syberia in 3D Art.

Check out Igor Kulkov talking about some of the cool things he did with the Syberia fan art. What an amazing intricate work! A New Era of 3D Production. Tim Bergholz has recently shared a two-part video guide to setting up a nice-looking droid from Star Wars.

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Erasmus Brosdau talked about his new amazing project, which takes real-time animation production techniques on a whole new level. Designing Interior Materials. Theo Mills from Ubisoft Toronto talked about the way he and his team work on the production of incredible game assets for games like Far Cry 5. Approaching Organic Environment Building. Rock Generator for 3ds Max. Grzegorz Baran continues to share awesome photogrammetry guides. Octopus for 3ds Max Released.

Jeremy Laurent did a wonderful breakdown of his Female Assassin character, showing how he did the sculpt, worked with the hair and did the materials.

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  • Optimising Animation render.
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Saga Alayyoubi did a breakdown of his amazing UE4 installation, showing how he did the sculpts, painting and rendering. Character Creation: Pushing Shapes to Extreme. We've talked with the amazing Tyler Palladino about the way he crafts, textures and renders his amazing characters. Working in Game Art for 26 years.


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Eric Chadwick talked a little about his career and gave some advice on ways you can keep doing art in games for decades. Making a Gun From Mass Effect. Thomas Datoussaid talked about the way he created a nice tribute to the amazing series. Rahimullah Sharifi talked about his marvelous forest scene created with the help of CryEngine, Substance and some Megascans assets. Environment Art Environment Design Report. Jay Cummings showed how he builds amazing detailed 3d handgun with an amazing level of detail.

Simon Peloquin did a very interesting breakdown of his lovely 3d weapon asset, inspired by The Order FumeFX 5. Sitni Sati has recently released FumeFX 5. Autodesk has officially revealed 3DS Max which should be available on 22 March Playing With Style in Environment Design. Durk van der Meer shared some advice on how to build amazing 3d environments with awesome detail.

Tricks For Faster Environment Production. Tim Simpson did a detailed talk about the way he created this wonderful sci-fi installation, relying on a limited number of assets, and clever UE4 tricks. Is the end of social media near? Probably not. Stylized Look in Environment Design. Leo Brynielsson did a fantastic breakdown of his amazing stylized 3d environment. Beautiful work with the lovely hand-made materials.

Alexander Kramer has released a new version of his script for organizing models, materials, textures and lights in 3DS Max. Repeat to remove. Speed up workflow by setting objects to "Display as Box. Press 7 to display polys and verts count. Increase scene undo level to step back further. Right-click on Snap icon to access the snap settings. Right-click on Transform icon to input values.

Create maxstart. Use clipping planes to improve viewport speed.

3ds max color management

Right-click over Select and Rotate icon to input values. When creating a spline, press backspace to remove last created vert. Hold control while panning to pan more quickly. Press I to center view on cursor position. Build to scale. Everything in 3ds Max works off proper ratios and units. Consider Dark Theme for max environment for better contrast easier on the eyes.

After almost 17 years in the San Francisco Bay area, Jon and his wife Joan moved to the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona in May , and they are the parents of the world's most spoiled cat, Greystone. Includes a list of print and online resources.

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  8. Emphasis is on effects that are unusual and otherworldly. The author is a 3D computer graphic artist who has worked in television, film, computer games, and multimedia.

    3ds max 6 Killer Tips 3ds max 6 Killer Tips
    3ds max 6 Killer Tips 3ds max 6 Killer Tips
    3ds max 6 Killer Tips 3ds max 6 Killer Tips
    3ds max 6 Killer Tips 3ds max 6 Killer Tips
    3ds max 6 Killer Tips 3ds max 6 Killer Tips
    3ds max 6 Killer Tips 3ds max 6 Killer Tips
    3ds max 6 Killer Tips 3ds max 6 Killer Tips

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