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Breaking Destiny: Shadow Over Shandahar: Volume 4

This book might change the way some women think about finding out too much information. In my opinion, this book is a 4-star read. It is funny, sad, and has much romance to offer while showing the loneliness and vulnerability of people, whether single or in a relationship. He was only a child at the time of the murders of his friend Prince Balthazar and the rest of the royal family, but Finnikin struggles with feelings of guilt related to a cryptic prophecy. Then he meets a young novice who goes by the name of Evanjalin who says the prince lives and there is hope of reclaiming Lumitare from the impostor king who butchered the royal family.

Finnikin is skeptical, but Evanjalin remains stubbornly committed to her course and the two set off on a mission that take them across kingdoms, collecting allies and exiles along the way back to Lumitare. Of course, having waited, I have the added benefit of not having to wait a year for each of the sequels to be released. I listened to this book on audio, and initially I thought I would never get through it. The novel jumps straight into the action and provides key back story right away, and all of the places, characters, and relationships were a little overwhelming.

Here I was on my own, but within the first few chapters I was utterly hooked and gradually the pieces came together. Of course, there were still plenty of intentional plot twists and turns to keep me guessing. I usually listen to my audiobooks in the car, and more than once I sat in my driveway listening long after arriving home, absorbed in a particularly well-written passage.

In Finnikin of the Rock , Marchetta introduces a world rich with intrigue and secrets, where characters are far more than they first appear. Most of them are wonderfully complicated, both light and dark. Take the secondary character of Froi, for example. Froi is a young thief with a bad attitude and no outward compassion or loyalty toward his fellow man. He is crude and mocking, and yet he also gradually shows redeeming qualities that make readers care about him even as they are appalled by his actions. Though the novel is published as YA and does not have any particularly graphic scenes, it has a very adult sensibility in that it deals frankly with issues like violence, rape, and sex.

The violence of war is neither glossed over nor glorified, and the characters act like real people rather than one-dimensional archetypes. The magic here is more mystical than fantastical, and the storytelling is wonderfully compelling. For readers like me, it may take a bit of patience to become acclimated to the world of Finnikin and Evanjalin—not to mention sorting out all the different characters.

But the effort is well worth it. A patron request for college-age romances prompted me to create a new board on our Pinterest site all about New Adult fiction and a handful of memoirs , and then I decided to see what all the fuss was about for myself.

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Hence the recent reading spree. Some people get luck handed to them, a second chance, a save.

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  • Callie is a loner with a dark secret and a fear of being touched by others. When she was younger, she suddenly chopped off all her hair and started wearing baggy clothes. To outsiders, Kayden is the all-American boy, a football jock with decent grades, a tendency to party, and a hot cheerleader girlfriend. But, like Callie, he has secrets. And Callie sees that Kayden apparently has his own demons, though at that point she has only the barest hint of the full truth. In the moment that Callie saves Kayden and in those that follow immediately after, they forge a a strange connection, though neither chooses to pursue it.

    But when they meet again on their new college campus, Kayden is determined to discover more about the girl who saved him and—perhaps—changed him forever. For her part, Callie remains skittish, although a recent friendship has given her the courage to take chances for Callie, even small things like wearing the color red and growing out her hair are a hurdle that would have seemed impossible before. But even then, there are setbacks.

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    In fact, the cliffhanger ending of the first book may mangle the expectations of more than one happily-ever-after romantic. That is, if the reader can overlook the comma splices, typos, and grammatical errors on every other page or so. Cheryl as well as our first child-submitted review. She graciously chose to share her thoughts with us about one of her favorite books, which she has read many times. Reviewer: Ms. Cheryl Ms.

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    Charlie is the main character and is a Bassett Hound. The book is written from his perspective. Then he discovers school and wants to have a school for all the animals on the farm. Things do not go well, and Charlie eventually gives up and takes a much needed nap. The author writes a very fun and engaging story and the illustrator did a fantastic job of illustrating the book. I really enjoyed looking at the pages and all the little characters on each page.

    The princess is a bit more adventurous than your average princess, so she is very excited when her brave and wonderful prince finally comes along. Only this prince wants his princess at home being happy with her clothes and castle. I would recommend this book to anyone to read. The dentist helps you keep your teeth healthy and keep your smile beautiful. I love this book. Summary: Recently widowed and still haunted by the death of his son decades ago in Vietnam, Sheldon Horowitz is an impatient and crotchety old man.

    Believing her grandfather suffers from dementia, Rhea has convinced Sheldon to move to Oslo to live with her and her Norwegian husband. Sheldon finds the laid-back attitude of the Norwegian people incomprehensible and persists in sharing his oddball philosophical musings, thus calling his mental state into further question. Then he witnesses the murder of his Serbian neighbor and goes on the lam with her young son, believing it is the only way to protect the boy from Kosovar gangsters. Critically acclaimed but under the radar of most readers, Norwegian by Night was named by both Kirkus Reviews and The Guardian as one of the best crime novels of You see, Sheldon was a marine sniper in Korea and has felt useless ever since.

    On previous occasions, he always told his late wife and granddaughter a different story of his time in Korea. Sheldon, with his visions and inconsistent stories, is a bit of an unreliable narrator. Sheldon is a fascinating and insightful character, with plenty of foibles and flaws to add interest. And his journey is incredibly relatable despite the unusual circumstances.

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    Though some of the other characters—Rhea and her husband Lars, for example—could do with some fleshing out, some of the secondary characters are also quite intriguing. Sigrid serves as a wonderful contrast to Sheldon, and some of her conversations also provide unexpected humor to the largely reflective narrative.

    Take this dryly comical phone conversation with her father:. I got married and had three sons. Some of the scenes with Sigrid were my absolute favorites in the novel, particularly the Psycho bit saying anything more could prove too much of a spoiler. Norwegian by Night is a a quiet thriller with literary bones.

    Despite a few lengthy expositions and a somewhat ambiguous ending, it offers something different and interesting to the crime fiction genre as it addresses a number of important issues—war, personal and ethnic identity, and aging—with compassion, insight, and humor. We still have one unclaimed book.

    The book goes to the first person to leave a comment below be sure to leave your e-mail address so I can arrange pickup! Rating: 3. Then everything Alyssa ever believed about herself and her family is flipped upside down. At least, that is what she is told by Morpheus, a darkly seductive, otherworldly boy who seems eerily familiar.

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    Sticking a pin through the gut of an insect shuts it up pretty quick. Here, Wonderland and its characters are familiar and yet darker, topsy-turvy in a completely new way.

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    The reimagining of the Caterpillar, in particular, was a stroke of brilliance. There is a gleeful madness here, but always the reader is aware that the madness could turn deadly. Morpheus, with his less-than-forthcoming instructions to Alyssa, his hidden agendas, and his constant air of flirtation, is a fascinating character. Like Wonderland, he repulses Alyssa even as she is drawn to him. But boy oh boy, does he make up for it! Instead, Splintered is a novel about a fish-out-of-water girl who discovers her true self and must then choose what self she wishes to be in the future.

    It is all about choice and self-discovery—all with the awesomely vivid, creeptastic backdrop of Wonderland. The giveaway ends at a. This is one of them. Officer Binky is a fun character, rife with all the characteristics of a gumshoe detective, who investigates the crimes occurring in five fairy tale classics. Kids will be familiar with these stories, retold afresh without reinvention, and complete with tongue in cheek references. All in all, this was a fun read, which should keep kids laughing!

    Now that it looks like spring is here to stay—rain and all! Several are even still months away from their publication date, so this is truly an opportunity to read what could be the next big thing before it is discovered by everyone else!

    Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4) Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4)
    Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4) Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4)
    Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4) Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4)
    Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4) Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4)
    Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4) Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4)
    Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4) Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4)
    Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4) Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4)
    Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4) Breaking Destiny (Shadow Over Shandahar Book 4)

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