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Do you subscribe to the oldest Traditional Catholic Newspaper in the world? At a time when raw evil is consuming the world, I have no doubt that Donald Trump's efforts to keep God in the picture is the main reason his enemies hate him so. Of course, he's not Catholic but his innate desire to use his office to remind the world about God certainly is not not Catholic.

We distinguish, of course, between sound theology which Trump obviously lacks and the President's basic, almost childlike, attempt to remind a nation hellbent on destruction that God exists and that our nation must acknowledge Him and the power of prayer. Once this distinction is made, we can take solace in the fact that Trump's Godly presidential reminders are not wasted efforts, nor are they the deceptive words of papal ecumania which, coming from that exalted office, serve not truth but error.

Trump has not the benefit of sound theological training, access to the Sacraments, and the habit of formal prayer.

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In other words, he's doing the best he can with the little he's been given in a world where even the Catholic Church's moral authority has become something of a joke. Somehow, this man is acting more like a Catholic than are most Catholic leaders in the Church today:. Who knows where this will end? And obviously it would be supremely unlikely that any one of them would be seeking out the services of a Catholic Priest to conduct an exorcism upon taking office.

Keep praying. Also included: An intriguing Letter from Russia, and James Bogle thinks the queen is better than our president Subscribe today by clicking the image below:. Michael Matt "on set" in Rome photo: Tess Mullins.

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Going in, we all knew that the ultimate goal of the summit was to establish child abuse—not rampant homosexuality in the priesthood—as the main cause of a crisis in the Catholic Church which now rivals that of the Protestant Revolt. The two men cover the fall of Francis, the Vatican's sexual abuse summit, homosexuality in the priesthood, Francis's "father and grandfather" Carinal Martini and Carl Rahner the revolution of Vatican II and the Catholic counterrevolution. Plus, the role of Our Lady in traditional Catholic resistance.

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Walking along the Borgo Pio in Rome, Michael Matt shares some humorous thoughts on what might have been at this week's clerical sexual abuse summit had the Vatican not lost its Catholic mind years ago. It's just wishful thinking at this point:. Michael Matt's Vatican Farewell. Reporting from Rome, Michael Matt ends on a positive note. Francis has gone too far. He has no support outside of his inner circle of fools.

The media, the abuse victims, the traditionalists -- they're all united on one thing: Francis can't be trusted; Francis is a huge problem.

Reporting from the Vatican, Michael Matt comments on what's fast becoming a 'Pink Elephant Summit, with everyone ignoring the real problem but going on and on about 'synodality,' 'collegiality', 'pilgrim church', 'accompaniment', 'path forward', 'radical listening'--pretty much anything BUT the pink elephant in the room. And now these guys claim that because they've been listening to abuse victims here in Rome this week, they now know it's time to get serious about the abuse of minors. Are they joking? In , these grown men had to travel all the way to Rome to figure out how serious abuse is?

If this is true, they should resign for simply being way too out of touch with reality to be entrusted with the handing of this worldwide crisis.


By the way, when are these men going to get around to apologizing to God for having done nothing while His bride was raped again and again over the course of decades? Vatican journalist, Sandro Magister, asks the million-euro question today at a major Summit press conference here in Rome: "What about homosexuality?

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  • Michael expresses solidarity with sexual abuse survivors who, not unlike survivors of spiritual abuse, have been intimidated over the years, bullied, and harassed by the same abusive shepherds. And, finally, what's the point of all this? Etwa Grenadiere standen noch unter Waffen. Deathbells For Schlierschied best played vs. German forces had retreated to Dickenschied. Here they got under direct fire of mm-Guns, light weapons and mortars, and smoke projectors, too.

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    • Translation of «Degenglocke» into 25 languages.
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    • At Rohrbach and Schlierschied the american forces met organozed resistance. A company of the th regiment was assigned to break resistance in Schlierschied. In this wild duel on the 18th of March Schlierschied became a "terrifiyng battlefield" on which only wreckage and ruins remained.


      Die Totenglocke von Schlierschied - The Matrix Games version of West Front

      In this scenario the german forces have been reinforced by tanks of 2nd Tank-Division. In on the 18th of March this division had 4 tanks and 3 assault guns. Joachim Heinrich Campe, Silke Nowak, Friedrich Ludwig Karl Weigand, Federn und Flittern vollgepropfl. Frauenroman Carole Eilertson. Carole Eilertson, Die Stirnkraufe Mg. Joachim-Heinrich von Campe, Ich will mich nicht mehr verstecken.

      Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition) Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition)
      Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition) Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition)
      Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition) Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition)
      Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition) Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition)
      Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition) Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition)
      Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition) Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition)
      Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition) Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition)
      Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition) Die Totenglocke: Roman (German Edition)

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