Tales from the Wedding Altar

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In the end, he collapsed on the floor in pain whilst my mum who thought he was making a fuss was making him do the dancing, whilst he, a true Scotsman, was wearing a kilt He had to be taken away to hospital, sort of dampened the day tbh. I should mention she wasn't even invited, and I can see why now.

She started singing a fucking song about how he shouldn't say yes and instead run away with her. They had no shame; they planned out their escape, too.

They just sang in front of the entire party that they would meet each other at the back door and run away together. I felt absolutely terrible for her. I was humiliated. I asked him to stop, but he said, no, he doesn't want to dance with me and was grabbing her bum. I cried alone in the loo for 30 minutes. I couldn't speak. I then got completely drunk on whiskey in the hotel bar at midnight, in my huge dress, telling all women never to get married.


I couldn't undo my dress or get my hair undone. Nine missed calls and a missed flight to our honeymoon. A different friend's kid maybe 5 or 6 years old was hiding under a table while his parents were getting shitfaced and ignoring him. She's mortified, and everybody stops dancing.


Tales from the Wedding Altar

It was shit. He had shit into his hand and wiped it on people. She grabbed the wedding cake, chucked it at the newlyweds, and began screaming how he was a deadbeat dad while she grabbed table-wine bottles that she smashed on the ground. We called the police, and she was charged with assault, assault with a weapon from waving around a wine bottle and clocking a groomsman , and destruction of private property both from the couple and the venue.

What a charmer.

In the end, the parents of the groom asked me to arrange a lovely and secret private dinner for the newlyweds and their bridal party to make up for the fiasco. So, not quite bridezilla, but the groom dodged marrying one. In no particular order: "Groom has sex with the stripper at his bachelor party the night before. We were the only sober ones.

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People share their most outrageous wedding horror tales | Daily Mail Online

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Jimmy Mac McNamara. PaperBack January 1, When Rev.

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McNamara solemnly stands before the wedding couples, he hears some outrageous things the guests never hear; like the bride saying to the groom,""I just felt the baby kick,. There are things that I hear; things that I notice because prior to the ceremony, I am pretty much a wallflower and everyone feels comfortable speaking around someone they can't see. There are petty things spoken between jealous women and men! There are secrets revealed by the father of the bride no one hears, and most importantly, standing in very close proximity to the wedding couple at the altar where the closest people are four feet away; the small whispers between the couple are priceless!

Comments range from 'You're beautiful!

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    Tales from the Wedding Altar Tales from the Wedding Altar
    Tales from the Wedding Altar Tales from the Wedding Altar
    Tales from the Wedding Altar Tales from the Wedding Altar
    Tales from the Wedding Altar Tales from the Wedding Altar
    Tales from the Wedding Altar Tales from the Wedding Altar

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