The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact

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The aliens inform the admiral that they are called Hocklyns and are from a large multi-world trading federation. In truth, they come from an empire that is expanding through the galaxy and conquering world after world for slaves, and they have set their sights on the human worlds as their next conquest.

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I admire Eoin Colfer's writing, and I very much liked this book. Would I recommend this book. She articulates the struggles of juggling all roles. Mourning for friends lost, navigating new relationships, etc. You'll have to adjust to island time to enjoy this book.

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Susan, you see, is a professional wet nurse; she breast-feeds the children of wealthy women who can't or won't nurse their own babies. Samantha Jacobs had almost married once, but David broke up with her just before their wedding, after they'd been together for three years. This book gives vital information information regarding the What, Why, How and When of writing thank you notes. Raymond L.

Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the author. The meter Hocklyn escort cruiser Kraken exited the swirling white spatial vortex in the next system of their exploration sector. The cruiser WarFire appeared out of a similar vortex two hundred kilometers distant. The two cruisers were far from their support base in search of a mystery and for future worlds for the Hocklyn Slave Empire to conquer.

The screens were still covered in static, which was normal immediately after a jump.

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During those few brief seconds, his ship was vulnerable. Malken wore light body armor that was nearly gray in color as was customary for command officers. He stood nearly two meters tall, and the six digits of his right hand were closed tightly in a fist as he waited. Malken sat down in his command chair and gazed about the War Room.

His ship and the WarFire were on a special mission. For the last one hundred years, there had been numerous reports of strange sensor readings and mysterious ships on the fringe of the empire. These ships had vanished before they could be engaged, and their system or systems of origin remained unknown. There had also been a marked increase in the number of escort cruisers that had been sent out on exploration missions and failed to return. As a result, the Hocklyn High Council had ordered that all future exploration missions would consist of two ships.

In the past, one ship would jump into a system and scan it while the other held back in a nearby system and waited for a report. Now, both ships jumped in so as to be able to engage any enemy they might encounter. The council was confident that two Hocklyn ships could easily handle any hostile ship. More pairs of ships had been ordered sent out on exploration missions to determine if there was an imminent threat to the empire. It had been centuries since the Hocklyns had engaged a serious adversary. In that war, the Human Federation of Worlds had been destroyed at great cost to the Hocklyn attacking fleet.

Now the Hocklyn High Council was worried that another powerful adversary was waiting in the near future and was behind these mysterious sensor readings and strange ships that had been detected. The numerous missing escort cruisers sent off on long-range exploration missions seemed to confirm this. If this continued, it would be necessary to notify their AI masters. The empire is growing impatient to find more worlds to bring us honor. Perhaps it is best for us to go on to the next system.

A few minutes later, the two cruisers entered their respective white vortexes and jumped briefly into hyperspace, to appear several billion kilometers farther in system.

see url The red dwarf system they were in contained seven planets, none of which seemed to be inhabited, even though there were three in the liquid water zone. The commander instantly focused his attention on his second officer, his eyebrows arching in a question.

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It was very seldom that particular alarm ever sounded. The alarm indicated that there had been an unauthorized hyperjump into a neighboring system. All the systems around Earth and New Tellus for twenty-five light years were equipped with sensor buoys that could detect hyperjumps. It had been discovered a few years back that hyperjumps gave off an energy spike when the spatial vortex collapsed. Since that time, numerous sensor buoys had been placed in all of the star systems around the new Human Federation of Worlds to detect such spikes.

The StarSearch was currently twenty-two light years from Earth on a standard patrol with two escort destroyers. The meter cruiser was heavily armed and tasked with maintaining the security of New Tellus, Earth and the other systems of the new Human Federation of Worlds.

One of the stars was blinking a troublesome red.

He was worried as all Federation ships, both civilian and military, carried transponders that cleared them with the buoys. There are approximately twenty thousand people living in the two mining settlements. There are also twenty defensive satellites above the mining installations in geostationary orbits. A few moments later, the communications officer reported that the message had been sent. It would take a few minutes for the message to reach Earth and New Tellus.

The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact
The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact
The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact
The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact
The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact
The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact
The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact The Slaver Wars: Alien Contact

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