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Its unlike any band out there and that is why performances and releases are so rare for the quartet. Gelimer, meanwhile, was unaware that the army had even left Constantinople. When he heard the Byzantine army was ten miles from Carthage, at the defile of Ad Decium, he had Hilderic and his family, and any of Hilderic's friends and supporters he could find, executed so the former king could not be restored to the throne.

Gelimer then decided upon a three-pronged attack which would destroy the invading army. Gelimer's plan of operations was an over-complicated one: he decided, once his enemy had entered the Ad Decium defile, to launch a combined attack on him from three directions.

While [his brother] Ammatus sallied forth from Carthage and engaged the Byzantine van, he himself with the main body was to fall upon the rear of the enemy's main body, and at the same time his nephew, Gibamund, was to move over the hills from the west and to attack the enemy's left flank. Procopius expresses his astonishment that Belisarius's army should have escaped destruction.

The Vandals Get MusInked Up

But, because correct timing was the prerequisite of success, in a clockless age it would have been a fluke had the three columns engaged simultaneously. Ammatus struck before the other two forces were in position and was killed. After he fell, his troops fled in a panic and were cut down by the Byzantine army.

Gibamund then attacked the left flank and was quickly routed by Belisarius' Hun cavalry. Gelimer arrived late and completely missed the enemy's rear, finding only the body-strewn battlefield and his dead brother. His forces still far outnumbered those of Belisarius, however, and if he had gone in pursuit of the Byzantines at that moment, he may have won the war. As it was, however, he was so distraught over the death of Ammatus that he refused to move his army forward until he had given him a proper burial with all rites.

This delay allowed Belisarius to reach Carthage and take it without effort. Gelimer marched on Carthage with an enormous army and lay siege. They destroyed the aqueduct and cut off the water supply to the city, and so Belisarius, though vastly outnumbered, felt he had no choice but to march out and meet Gelimer's forces in the field. They met at Tricameron, in December CE, and Belisarius was careful in the placement of his troops to conceal his fewer numbers.

He ordered the battle to commence with a cavalry charge, which broke the Vandal lines and scattered them in an hour. As the cavalry cut down the fleeing Vandals, Belisarius moved his infantry up, and Gelimer, according to Procopius, looked upon the Byzantine forces marching toward him and "without saying a word or giving a command, leaped upon his horse and was off in flight on the road leading to Numidia" IV. As their king fled the field, the Vandal army erupted in panic, broke ranks, and tried to save themselves however they could.

When the Byzantine army reached the Vandal camp, it was deserted, and they broke ranks and began to plunder it. Procopius observes that, had Gelimer only given the matter some thought, "or had an ounce of courage", he would have simply withdrawn his army beyond the camp, left it as bait for the enemy, and "once they had fallen upon it he would have fallen upon them and regained his camp and his kingdom.


No attack came, however, and the next day Belisarius sent his men in pursuit of Gelimer, who was finally caught in March CE and brought back in chains to Constantinople as part of Belisarius' triumph. The Vandal kingdom of North Africa had fallen and, with it, the Vandals were dispersed. Many Romans had married Vandal women and brought them back to Constantinople, many other Vandals were killed in the battles of Ad Decium and Tricameron, and still others were killed by the Moors.

The conflicts between the Trinitarian Christians and the Arian Christians flared again after Gelimer's defeat and Belisarius' return to Constantinople, and with no firm government in place, the two groups killed each other until the Moors, seeing an opportunity, attacked from the south and destroyed great swaths of the population. Justinian had defeated the Vandals and brought North Africa back into the Roman fold but, as Fuller observes, "five millions of Africans were consumed by the wars and government of the emperor Justinian" Those Vandals who survived continued to live under Roman rule in North Africa or migrated to Europe but never formed a cohesive ethnic group again.

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Bibliography Collins, R. Early Medieval Europe, Palgrave Macmillan, Fuller, J. A Military History of the Western World. Volume I. From the Earliest Times to the Battle.. Da Capo, Goffart, W. Barbarians and Romans, A. Princeton University Press, Halsall, G. Barbarian Migrations and the Roman West, - Cambridge University Press, Jacobsen, T.

The Vandals - "My Girlfriend's Dead" Kung Fu Records

A History of the Vandals. Westholme Publishing, Kelly, C. Mierow, C. The Gothic History Of Jordanes. Evolution Press, Harvard University Press, Dupuy, T. As a distinct ethnic unit they disappeared". He was able to capture Carthage, but was assassinated by the Byzantines shortly afterwards.

The 6th-century Byzantine historian Procopius wrote that the Vandals were tall and blond haired:. For they all have white bodies and fair hair, and are tall and handsome to look upon Known kings of the Vandals: [ citation needed ]. Very little is known about the Vandalic language itself, which was of the East Germanic linguistic branch. The Goths have left behind the only text corpus of the East Germanic language type: a 4th-century translation of the Gospels. Studies of literacy in North Africa have tended to centre around the administration, which was limited to the social elite.

However, the majority of the population of North Africa did not live in urban centres. Judith George explains that "Analysis of the [Vandal] poems in their context holds up a mirror to the ways and values of the times". Their work drew on earlier Roman traditions.

Modern scholars generally hold the view that the Vandals allowed the Romans in North Africa to carry on with their way of life with only occasional interference. The title "King of the Wends" is translated as vandalorum rex in Latin.

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The title was shortened to "King of Denmark" in The modern term vandalism stems from the Vandals' reputation as the barbarian people who sacked and looted Rome in AD The Vandals were probably not any more destructive than other invaders of ancient times, but writers who idealized Rome often blamed them for its destruction.

The term was quickly adopted across Europe. This new use of the term was important in colouring the perception of the Vandals from later Late Antiquity, popularizing the pre-existing idea that they were a barbaric group with a taste for destruction.

The Vandals The Vandals
The Vandals The Vandals
The Vandals The Vandals
The Vandals The Vandals
The Vandals The Vandals
The Vandals The Vandals
The Vandals The Vandals
The Vandals The Vandals
The Vandals

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