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Thanks so much. I purchased an Iyashi Wand from you last year and am very happy with it by Anna S. I have purchased an Iyashi Wand about ten years ago and surprisingly it still performs like it was new. I always use it to relieve pain where ever located with great results. As a retired mechanic at 73 years young I need all the help I can get. I can put it on my night stand aimed at me in bed and get a good nights sleep. I always carry it with me and use it to help folks who are in pain at the opportune moment and to their amazement they get relief.

The fellow in the eye doctors office could'nt sit still with low back pain. He then asked for the information to aquire this wonderous devise. When I help someone with relieving their pain they always say ""How'd you do that? Have been using it on myself and mum with outstanding results. Using it on my niece who has been suffering from MS for 24 years since first diagnosed at the age of Using the wand on her was amazing.

Healing Wand Activation

Working on her from the back of her head down to the lower back regain and watching her body twist and move and the response was amazing. Tremors with her hands she suffered daily has eased for now. Working on the legs was amazing, starting on the left on the outside of her knee, then the right and seeing hers leg reach out from the wheelchair and stretching in a horizontal direction and the feeling as she explained was like a burning sensation was coming from her hips all the way down to her feet.

Working on another friend of mine who is also in a wheel chair with limited leg movement and constant pain No More amazing! We recently purchased an Iyashi wand and are very pleased with it. I am a therapist, and bought an iyashi wand to use on myself, reason being I experienced chronic fatigue and needed a help. When the wand arrived I used it on myself and my energy levels improved, a relative suffered from insomnia for years and nothing helped! I used it on her for half an hour and afterwards she slept soundly for first time in years, I used it on a few clients - that had chronic pain, bodily aches and they found it helped.

The clients and relatives I used it on also wanted to have their own wands so within one week I ordered 15 more! I used the wand to do a facial on myself and received comments that my skin has a healthy glow and look rejuvenated.

Just another plus, most of all within one week my energy levels improved and I don't feel drained all the time. Results have been very promising using the wand in my reflexology practice by Donal. I can feel the energy when I use it, incredible. Thank you for my lovely Iyashi wand which arrived in record time, faster than the UK domestic snail mail! I have been using it daily since receiving it and am delighted so far with the therapeutic effects, and am optimistic that in time I will see benefits to chronic conditions such as my eyesight, which has deteriorated due to other health issues.

Priests, spirit tap and meditation question

I expected to wait over a month since I mailed my payment buy 10 days later I got my wand and shieldite. I could feel the energy coming from the box and knew without looking who it had come from. Even though the shieldite probably needed grounding I felt it, I didn't want to let go of those stones and pyramid to ground them but I did! The wand was so awesome, I understand energy healing and have gone organic and non-gmo for health, have orgonite around the house for protection but this was great.

I have chronic hip, shoulder and lower back degenerative disease.

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Aside from taking diatomaceous earth for the pain the wand literally whisked it away. I could feel pulses in each area when I dipped and radiating energy when I swooped it out of the area, I am using it on all three of my organic cats too, I love it, I can clear pain in a hip in ten minutes, opens the sinuses in less than 2 min, amazing, I then ordered and received my scalar necklace and shieldite pendant love them all, will be buying more, the tea bag makes my water sweet and clear!

I find that it is helping me as I have only just received it as well!! So far I like it. I can feel the energy. I've only had it a few days. Progress is slower, but I think it is helping. I originally bought a wand from you guys about two years ago and have been very happy with it.

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Zero-Point Energy.. So I decided to buy all of the above. I began to feel to blissful. Great Clarity. There was a powerful opening, piercing sensation in front of my Heart Chakra. I felf so peaceful.. Zero-Point Energy can rapidly energize the human electromagnetic field and body as well as all other organic matter to promote health. The ample supply of vital energy made available to the organism in this manner induces a state of homeostasis, or balance. My friends were asking questions about my having peaceful strong high vibrations. Now they all use these products in our weekly meditation class.

With the pendants I am experiencing and clearing Parallel Lifetimes in my dreamstate and throughout the day. My 3 Chakra stones are amazing. My cat so enjoys sleeping on them, and on her back. She is cherished loved by all who see her. She has evolved being with these products everyday.

The Ultimate Guide of Healing Crystal Wands [] - AtPerry's Healing Crystals

The chakra stones are extra good when they are heated up, to clear my meridians.. They release powerful negative Ions. Zero-Point energy is pure energy, un-polarized, who we are naturally before being born. The pendants and wand, and chakra stones continously keep on clearing, clearing, letting go. Powerul shifting comes with this clearing. Love it. Finally the elbow and knee wrap are so special to me. Having several injuries. One day i'm wearing them, and about 40 minutes later, I feel lots of good beneficial heat in my elbow and knee.

Before Sleep - Beginners Spoken Guided Meditation - Chakra Alignment -How to Chakra Balance

The wraps have magnets and tourmaline.. They greatly healed my injuries, with less pain. Powerful and Effective. Creating unexpected random acts of goodness. As well with the chakra stone and the Wand.

www.adssafaris.com/cli/map7.php I definitely have alot more Intuition Now. It's helping me connect to my higher self, alot better. My I Am Presence. It brings so much energy to drinks and food. These wonderful products clear process release much negative energy patterns. I know a have a much higher consciousness with the assistance of the great products.

Sincerely, Claude. As discussed here my review of the amazing Iyashi Wand. Before I received the Wand I watched some videos and read the Iyashi book that you kindly sent me , so I was a bit informed beforehand. One thing that was frequently mentioned was that people could sleep very well with the Wand next to them at night. Naturally after I received the Wand and used it briefly I wanted to try this out and test for myself if my sleep would improve I first want to state that I diddn't had any expectations just plain curiosity, also I am eating mostly organic and I am quite sensitive to energies as I am familiar with energy healing etc as a patient not a healer.

At this point I diddn't think of the wand as I had rare experiences like this before after what you could call energy sessions but the colour was different. After a while of feeling this strong energy I turned around with my back facing the wand and this is when I realized that this energy power came from the wand as I could feel such a strong energy wall building up behind me the full length of my body 6"1 , it was just unbelievable.

The intensity of the energy was so strong that i literally felt as my body would be pushed away. I can't remember for how long this went on and how long it took to get back to sleep but I'll never forget the intensity Anyway I can only suggest to anyone to use it but not to forget that we always need a holistic approach , so you're food has to be right and also we always have to work on our thoughts.

We have had our wand and pendants for 8 days and are amazed and a little in awe. Our dog has suffered from GERD reflux for about 18 months. We have treated with a number of things and had some improvement, but no cure. After using the Iyashi wand on his food and opening his chakras for about 3 days, I noticed that he no longer had reflux. He was also calmer and more relaxed. Maybe this is because he no longer has reflux, or it is the positive benefits of the Wand or it is both. He has always been a dog with so much emotional energy that more than one vet suggested tranquilizers.

We love that our dog can experience a calmer and more peaceful existence. Now ME: I have suffered from disabling night sweats and loss of sleep for about 18 months.

Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Wands

About 18 months ago, my physician insisted that I try to wean from my 19 years use of HRT. I did try, but had disabling night sweats every hour or 90 minutes. Even when I went back on my prior dose of HRT, I experienced 2 — 3 sweats during the night with accompanying loss of sleep.



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